Communication happens

“Brand communication” has, for too long, enjoyed a very narrow interpretation. Companies have been more concerned about what is being communicated through campaigns and advertising than anything else that is happening around the brand. Brand communication happens whenever the brand comes into contact with people, intentionally or unintentionally.

There are numerous possible contact points between brands and consumers. These include contact points that marketers can directly control/influence (advertising, promotions, campaigns, events, package, logo, media used etc.), and contact points that marketers can only indirectly influence (the press, the way people use the brand, word of mouth, etc.).

Strong branding and positioning is necessary to sustain healthy growing brands. There are two aspects to communication:

  • It must be consistent - all contact points should be telling the same story
  • It must also be relevant to the target audience to generate a strong desire for acquiring the brand

MASMI has developed communication research protocols to test, measure and track communication and its effectiveness. Such solutions make use of advanced analytics which, together with experience, deliver insights and actionable recommendations that take into account client strategy.