The rules have changed

Dramatic change in the retail environment, driven by product and media proliferation, consumer fragmentation and retailer consolidation has redefined the rules of marketing. The power in the purchasing relationship has shifted, from the retailer to the shopper. Customers, faced with more choices, and overwhelmed by brand messages from an increasing number of sources, are more selective and more demanding. Brands can no longer survive based on quality, service and convenience alone; something more is needed to convert shoppers into loyal customers.

The moment of truth in retail has historically been seen as single point in time where a consumer makes his choice. Over time, the sum  of these singular events would form the basis developing customer loyalty and engagement. The paradigm has shifted to what is effectively a continuum of events that are inseparable in the consumer’s mind and define the brand promise.

Our RetailView solution provides insights leading to decision points for creating experiences that turn shoppers into repeat customers, so that they come back again, and again, and again.