Discover segments. Tailor propositions.

Demand for mobile phones and telecom services remains high and the competition for customers is fierce. Services provided by telecom suppliers expand as advances in technology bring new opportunities, so service providers need to understand what will resonate with different market segments.

Like the internet, mobile communications are also changing the way consumers choose, compare and buy products of all kinds. Innovation is essential, but innovation means investment. Professionally conducted and analysed market research can make the difference between success and failure in the telecoms sector. MASMI has the experts who know both the telecoms sectors and their national markets. They know how to identify which products, services and marketing approaches will work – and those that won’t.

We have developed tools that mine deeply into clients own data, as well as researching other consumer touchpoints. We help our clients measure and manage their customer experience process, we evaluate their new products and services, and we help them see the future – we predict what consumers will do before they do it.

Talk to us and make sure your investment in telecoms market research is a wise one.