Release your brand's potential

BrandView is a completely customisable approach that constitutes a 360º view of brand equity and performance, based on both behavioural and attitudinal information. From advanced, predictive analytics, together with MASMI experience and expertise, BrandView delivers output which is specifically designed to support brand decision making.

BrandView is in tune with the latest thinking on brand commitment. MASMI uses BrandView to deliver market insights and actionable results, providing both strategic and tactical advice and recommendations for the development, support and implementation of marketing plans.

The main focus of our approach is the measurement of brand equity the identification of methods for growth. There are two forces that directly impact on a brand’s level of success:

  • Brand desirability, which resides in the mind of the consumer and is represented by their desire to use or buy a brand
  • Habitat success factors enable the brand to be accessed by the targeted consumers (e.g. distribution, price, promotion, advertising, word of mouth etc.). 

To be successful, a brand needs to perform well both in the mind of consumers as well as in the market. The measurement and analysis of these two equity constituents establish the brand’s level of success. Further it provides insights to diagnose and prescribe follow-up action to improve either the desirability (mind) or the habitat success (market), or a combination of the two.

MASMI takes a consultative role through the interpretation of results, in order to provide actionable recommendations. Furthermore, client data such as cost and time implications of remedial action improve decision support.