Influencing consumer choice at retail

Our RetailView solution is aimed at generating insights that can help gain advantage at retail – for manufacturers in terms of brand growth and for retailers for store and category growth. Our research over the years has demonstrated that the shopper experience is multifaceted and is often driven by context as well as the degree of category involvement. In exploring the shopping experience, we have developed analytical tools that address demand contexts (cheese to snack, cheese for a party I am hosting), lifestyle themes (the health conscious shopper, the connoisseur, the bargain hunter etc) and the degree of category involvement (technology buffs will spend considerable time researching their next purchase as would people passionate about cars; conversely petrol tends to have a more utilitarian set of motivations...).

For a holistic understanding of how to manage the retail experience, or to address specific retail or shopper issues, contact our Retail and Shopper Insight team.