A good idea is not enough

Given the very low success rate for new product launches, it is now recognised that a well-designed programme of research is imperative, prior to making the huge investment required – not just in the physical product (or service) itself, but the other elements of the marketing mix. Furthermore, the capacity to innovate distinguishes those who are consistently market leaders from those who merely emulate and follow others. Companies which come up with winning products year-after-year, do so by excelling at both innovation and in-market execution.

Our portfolio of customised solutions – IdeaView, ProductView, ConceptView and PriceView - address the development, optimisation and evaluation of key elements of the marketing mix, be it concept, physical product, packaging or price. It is not a single, rigid model, but a toolkit of insightful analytics to be deployed as needed on the strategic – tactical continuum, with research approaches ranging from qualitative to quantitative or, most typically, a combination of both.

MASMI’s Product Development and Innovation solutions address client needs across the whole life span of their products or services:

  • From initial idea generation 
  • Through fine-tuning mature products